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Renown proudly presents: Noobcraft

Bertman / Jan 13, 2014
Noobcraft is the name of the tourney we organize in Starcraft II for guild/clan/whatever we are right now – members.

Starcraft II is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game that is being played professionally all over the globe.

There are three distinctively different races with dozens of different available strategies and almost weekly there are tournaments being streamed online.

The big tournament that happens all year long is WCS. If you are interested you should totally check it out. Seeing the best of the best duke it out is truly awe inspiring and humbling. There are gamer-gods among us.

A zergling, these vicious creatures will rip your head off in 0.2 seconds flat

Now, before I start gushing excessively about my beloved RTS-game, let’s tone it down a little and talk about Noobcraft.

The first installment of Noobcraft is invite only but if it turns out to be a success we might do it again and allow anyone interested in joining.

For this version of Noobcraft I handpicked the players with only one requirement in my head that needed filling: they HAD to be Starcraft noobs.

Let’s quickly go over the roster.

First up is Linu. Linutari plays Terran in Starcraft. He has some Esport experience in League of Legends where he is quite the player. RTS games however are not his cup of tea. Perhaps it’s his LoL background or his twitchy fingers but he wants the action to start as soon as possible commanding his troops to attack for better or for worse... Expect short and action filled games with little strategy and a lot of brute force when Linu is playing.

Tolga, Linu’s brother, joined our gang during our foray into League of Legends. He, as his brother, plays Terran and, as his brother, is quite the LoL player. He has some RTS background but he hasn’t played a competitive RTS like Starcraft and might not be used to the cutthroat environment that is a PvP RTS. Keep an eye out for his LoL-inspired micro while he floats thousands of minerals and his love for battlecruisers.

Bala is the most experienced player of the bunch. In a former life he was a Terran player in the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty but life got in the way. He returns now, in the next expansion, as a Zerg player and is the man to beat in our little tournament. He claims not to care whether he wins or looses but his competitive drive will shine through undoubtedly. Expect safe and calculated play from this savvy veteran. Or at least attempts at safe and calculated play…

Loozi is yet another terran player in our tourney. He joined the tournament last and out of the blue because that’s what Loozi does. He used to be an avid Red Alert player and might posses the skills to make it high in the rankings. He is completely new to the Starcraft series however and because of his late sign up he will only have limited hours of practice under his belt when the tourney starts. It can go either way with this dark horse.

Last, but not least, we have Gudran. Guddy’s experience with the RTS genre is next to non-existent. He is the 4th and final player in our tournament and one of the four Terran players.
His style is all over the place but consists mostly of fighting with the controls. Keep an eye out for his blazing 30 something APM (actions per minute) and complete lack of game plan.

Do you know who will stand victorious at the end of the day? Vote here :

A marine, backbone of the terran warmachine

The tournament uses double elimination with a winners bracket and a losers bracket.

The bracket:

The tournament uses the tried and true round robin setup where everyone plays each other and victories award points.

During the round robin part of the tourney, sets are best of ones, meaning one game to determine the victor.

After 5 rounds of this the dust will settle and two heroes will emerge with the most points and they will face each other in a best of three to determine who truly is the best player in the history of Noobcraft and the winner of the first Renown Cup.

This Saturday the 18th of January at 19:00 CET the games shall begin. We shall be on vent and on battlenet. If you want to watch the games live, you will have to download the free version of Starcraft II.

See you there!



ghehe can't wait to see this :-) if they still have mental sanity maybe have the loser 2v2 the winners :D
You really are giving me to much credit Bert, you gonna make me look bad Saturday
The ProLeague will be copying our brand new never seen before tactics before you know it.

Noobcraft v1: "Maru doesn't even Turkish 3rax" edition.
gheheheheheehehhe huehueheuehuehueuhe MAKE SURE I CAN WATCH THEM REPLAYZ!!!


I alrdy did the first 5 missions of the campaign on ezmode, ima go crush you
lololololol one base play all day longzzz :p huehuehuheueuheuehuehuehuehuheuehuheuehuheuehuehuehze

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