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Noobcraft: the round up

Bertman / Jan 23, 2014
Last weekend the best and the brightest Starcraft II players our clan has to offer took it upon themselves to find out who is the very best.

The games started at 19:00 hours on Saturday evening and the battles would rage for over 6 hours to finally decide on a champion.

This is a retelling of an epic evening filled with epic Starcraft games, bad jokes and booze.

The night turned out to be a rekindling of old friendships (Loozi joined the tournament and sky joined us on vent and twitch) a celebration of new friendships (Linu’s brother Tolga, the newest member of our Brotherhood of Gamers) and a testament that our little guild truly has stood the test of time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if more people where gamers and had our attitude, the world would be a better place filled with terrible jokes and bad puns.

Now, onto the important business.

Starcraft is a game, but it’s also serious business. Truly one of the few games that can turn a man into a pudding, weaken a strong willed individual and turn them into a quivering mass of nerves. The fog of war hides all kind of dangers and victory can be snatched away in an instant.

The game truly can be as strenuous as physical exercise. And exercise our players would get.

The evening would start off with a bang.


Baladru (Z) vs Tolga (T).

The crafty veteran (Bala) would take on the inexperienced Tolga (who played a total of 6 games vs the AI before this tournament as preparation)

Zerg vs Terran, an iconic match up in the Starcraft universe dating back to Starcraft I and Broodwar. Some of the most amazing games have been played between these two races in both games with recently Bomber vs Scarlet being called the best game of the year 2013 (link)

Surely these two commanders would do the match up honor.

The game started off with a very quick scout of Tolga which would become trademark Tolga play during the tournament.

After a quick four zergling poke from Bala where he confirmed that Tolgas defense was impenetrable the game slowly moved into the mid game

Where both players expanded it was clear that Bala had aggression in mind where Tolga attempted to get to the late game as soon as possible.

" class="youtube">
The first real battle of the night, Baladru attempting to break Tolgas defenses in his natural expansion

Bala kept piling on the pressure while Tolga barely held on for a good part of the mid game

Roaches kept streaming in the natural expansion of our unwavering Terran player making the first game of the night a true spectacle for the pumped up viewers.

" class="youtube">
when I said Tolga barely held, I ment BARELY...

The game went on for quite a while but Baladru failed to break Tolgas defenses and Tolga succeeded in taking a more aggressive stance on the map once his battle cruisers came into play

Bala realized soon he could not face Tolgas force in open battle and thus resulted to hit and run tactics.

These tactics almost paid of when he intercepted a large group of Tolga’s workers when they where transferring to Tolgas new base. Not only did Bala kill the workers, be also stopped the new base from getting established.

Bala overstayed his welcome however and Tolgas masterfully maneuvered his force of marines, hellbats, thors and battlecruisers in a position where Bala only could stand and fight.The battle was a landslide victory for the careful Terran and minutes later he took the game.

" class="youtube">
Tolgas forces manhandling Balas stranded troops

Vent chat was stunned, nobody expected such an upset…

Loozi (T) vs Linu (T)

The second game of the evening, Loozi, the most noobiest player of us all (two days of practice) against Linu, Tolgas brother and practice partner.

The game started off quite similar to our first game. Where Bala was the aggressor in game 1, Linu was the aggressor in this game.

A swift attack with marauders and marines arrived at Loozis base seconds after loozi deployed his first siege tank on the high ground.

" class="youtube">
Loozis tank obliterating linus forces

Loozi used the halt in hostilities to expand and get his economy going while Linu used the few minutes of repose to build up a strong army of marauders and marines.

It became obvious to even the most oblivious of viewers that Loozi had time as an ally. The longer Linu waited to attack, the better Loozis forces became entrenched in his natural.

Finally Linu attacked, his forces valiantly rushing into battle in an attempt to break Loozis entrenched forces or die trying.

" class="youtube">
A valiant charge ending in disaster

And dying they did. And with them, Linus last chance of victory.

Loozi decided to play it safe and expand twice, truly taking the Starcraft adagium (look at me bringing latin up in this bitch) “When ahead, get more ahead” to hearth while Linu gathered a last ragtag force of warriors and sent them once again into Loozis meat grinder.

After yet another defeat, Linu decided on another approach and loaded up two medivacs with the very last survivors of his standing army. An attack on Loozis outlaying bases who where less defended could severely hamper loozis war machine by cutting down the workers and command center. Loozi however responded quickly and obliterated the last of Linus troops.

" class="youtube">
Loozi wins the game by never attacking

Linus hopes of a comeback where shattered when the last of his marines laid eyes upon the overwhelming army of his enemy. GG was called.


Heading into the second round, we had another round of Terran versus Zerg. In this case, Bolo vs Gudran. Both nervous to the point of shaking hands, chances of winning were equally bad for both sides.
Going for a bumrush, Gudran went early gas with three barracks. However, fucking up his wall-in, Baladru had zerglings in his base before you could say “Shape the fuck up”. Those, however, were easily dealt with by the two marines already out.

First action of the match

Meanwhile in camp Zerg, Baladru opted for an early expand, concentrating on economy over army supply. Due to excellent base management skills, Gudran forgot the one crucial element of a proper rush; Stim research. Thus, he failed to take advantage of Bolo’s limited army supply, and the window to a super early win closed just like that.

Fast expand at six minutes

To try and cope with the failed rush, Gudran tried transitioning into a more long-term build by plopping down a Factory and another Command Center. At this point, Bolo went for the main base, saw the army and wall-in, and got the fuck out.
For god knows what reason, Gudran moved out of the base, and found Bolo’s army waiting around the corner. The first proper engagement of the match. This one was handsomely won by Gudran, chasing Bolo halfway over the map.

Mixing green shit with bullets like it's pre-school all over again

Going back and forth, Gudran was able to intercept Bolo’s army midway the map, due to a strategically placed (pure luck) scv on a sensor tower. Gudran emerged victorious, but barely.
After various scans from the Terran side, it was clear Baladru had little army still standing. So Gudran got his shit, and went for it.

A close call indeed

Winning the final battle meant a GG, and the game went to Gudran’s side.


Second match of this round had every chance of becoming interesting, two strong players battling it out with tech’ed out armies. What we got, however, was a drawn-out battle-cruiser pumping competition with the most terrible engagements Starcraft has ever seen. Lasting nearly 50 minutes, this game offered little micro, but a lot of strong macro.
The tone was set early-game with Luci throwing up some ridiculous defenses. Both sides were ready to turtle it out!

Look at this shit fucking fort Knox might as well be your local neighbourhood bakery

With unprotected expansions all over the place, mineral gains were sky-high, allowing both players to pump our armies the likes we’d not yet seen. Neither of the players gave a single fuck about what the other was up to, even scouted expansions were left alone and seen as a ‘spot taken, oh well better go build somewhere else’. And so they did.

The Battlecruisers that define both player's playstyles

At the TWENTY MINUTE MARK something FINALLY moved. Luci was ready to rumble! Taking out an expansion on the go, he arrived with a sizable force at Tolga’s doorstep. The fight resulted in the most TERRIBLE engagement we’d see in the entire tournament. It wasn’t pretty.

I mean just look at this shit

After Luci threw his entire army into the meatgrinder, it was Tolga’s turn to take place at the TTT Table (Terrible Terran Tactics Table), otherwise refered to as the T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E Table (Terrible Erection-killing Ridiculously-bad Rectum-stimulating Intelligence-defying Bitchtits-aquiring Lameass Engagement Table). And so he did.

Nearly thirty-five minutes worth of army Tolga threw at Luci’s defenses, leaving absolutely nothing standing after about 15 seconds. With both players starting from scratch, they both returned to pumping out units for all they were worth. At around 40 minutes, Luci decided he could take his opponent. Selecting all his shit, he a-moved it straight to his opponents base. Lacking any proper management whatsoever, this miraculously worked, resulting in a GG. A win for Luci.

Knock knock! Who's there? CLUSTERFUCK


First up in round 3 was Linu (0W 1L) vs Gudran (1W 0L)

While Linu is known for his early aggression, he decided to go for a different approach in this game and get reasonably fast expansions going. Remarkably his 3th expansion was somewhere randomly on the map in stead of near his base.

" class="youtube">
Although Linu went for the macro game, he did it with a twist

A hidden base can pay for itself if it goes unscouted for to long, but it is a risk. If scouted, you are certain to loose it.

Gudrans play was remarkably different from the last game. Where he used brute force to subdue Bala, he used dropships to great success in the first half of the game. The constant aggression took Linu off guard and allowed Gudran to take good trades with his drops. When the dust settled, Linu’s economy was in shatters.

" class="youtube">
trading a few marines for scv's is always a good plan

murdering an entire scv line for no losses at all is even better

The map control that resulted from these drops allowed Gudran to scout AND destroy Linu’s hidden base.

about time he scouted it, sighed the entirety of the onlookers

After coming out of the midgame strongly in the lead, Guds next course of action was to try and break Linus frontal defenses, something that was surprisingly hard to do and once Gud realized this both players where dead even again.

Both of them used the pause in the battle to regain their composures and get a third base up and running.

However, Gudrans earlier harass decimated Linus economy and the follow up attacks didn’t allow Linu to recover sufficiently while Guds economy was almost unscathed

Gudran once again took the fight to Linu and this time targeted his freshly new established third base.

The battle of the third (base). Narrowly won by Gudran, allowing him to take an enormous lead in the game later on with his economy

Although a costly battle, Gudran came out on top and destroyed Linus third.

Linu was now in emergency mode, the semblance of economy he still had was in tatters. Truly a terrible place to be as a starcraft player. Gudran decided to press his advantage and keep trading with Linus already decimated forces.

Somehow someway Linu found a way to repel Gudran long enough to attempt to build yet another third base.

the longer the game went on, the bigger and costlier the mistakes where made by both player

Both players became desperate, Gudran feared that, if he left Linu alone for to long, he would build up a fleet of battlecruisers and with it an untouchable army, Linu desperately attempted to keep his enemies attacks at bay.

This seemed to fail as Gudran finally succeeded in getting a foothold close enough to his natural to siege up and shoot the command center. Linu lost yet another base, but this time it was his natural expansion and gateway to his main base.

at the left we see the three tanks of Linu that would ultimately play a huge role in this game, on the bottom right we see Gudrans artillery destroying Linus natural command center

With Linu having a yet unaccounted for base up, it wasn’t as bad as it may seem, but it was still very grim looking for our Turkish contestant, especially once Gudran established a forth base for himself.

When only minutes later Gudran found out about the previously unscouted base, he made a beeline towards it and made quick work of his opponent last source of income (his main was mined out for a while now).

While defeat was looming close, Linu played his last ace card. A squadron of vikings flew over the map, killed Guds newly established base and almost caught Gud of guard when the daring viking pilots landed their engines of war in Guds main base.

Gudran hastily retreated to take care of the threat and arrived just in time to stop his production buildings going down. With the last remnants of Linus army gone, Gudran could commence his victory march.

When Guds army of doom marched over the map to certain victory, along the way picking of yet another expansion of Linu something snapped in Gudrans head. Was it the length of the game? The pressure on a commander in the field? The ever looming threat of a phantom army hidden in the fog of war? We may never know, but with a significant advantage over his peer Gudran threw in the towel.

Gudran going tilt and leaving the game, unit MVP of the game is a siege tank on the ledge with 40 kills.

Linus strategy of holding on at all costs paid off. Gudrans remaining forces scratched their heads and so did all the onlookers. As one of the best games as yet in the tourney the game had everything but an exciting end.

Bala (0W 2L) vs Loozi (2W 0L)

Both Bala and Loozi went for reasonably quick expansions. Loozi once again geared up for a long game, turtle-ing to a massive deathball army and a-moving across the map to victory carried only by his impressive macro.

Bala expanding quickly, Loozi would soon follow

Bala attempted a run by with some roaches which was moderately successful as he ended up trading his roaches for SCV’s.

The remains of Bala’s roaches and Loozi’s SCV’s coloring the snow

From earlier games Bala realized however that killing a turtle-ing terran early on is a difficult matter and thus began his attempt at strangling his opponent to death. Loozi attempted to expand while Bala attempted to stop these expansions from going up.

This went very well as both roaches and mutalisks roamed the map killing of every command center and scv they could find.

Muta’s raining death and destruction on the helpless SCV’s

Finally, Loozi knew he had to take a more aggressive stance on the map to be able to take another expansion and in attempting to do so Loozis main army clashed with Balas expeditionary force of roaches and succeeded in annihilating them. After this decisive victory Loozi went on the offensive.

Bala misjudged the strength of his opponent

After throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him, Bala succeeded in stopping the Terran’s offensive but his standing army was annihilated while loozis was getting stronger by the minute

The battle that turned the tide

Not surprisingly Loozi’s follow-up push destroyed Baladrus third expansion and from there on it was all downhill for our zerg player.

He desperately attempted to double expand in but the next wave of warmachines, freshly cranked out of the Terran factories was already on the warpath.

Loozi’s reinforcements fighting off the remnants of the zerg army. This battle was fought in the ruins of Balas third.

Baladru valiantly defended his base, this time throwing even the kitchen sink at his opponent but, as you can imagine, a kitchen sink does not harm a battlecruiser in any way imaginable.

GG was called.

ROUND 4 – The murdering continues

In this exciting TvT Gudran the more hesistant player of the bunch gripped with nerves
actually finds himself in terran deathdrops as he pushes out with two medivacs around the 9’ mark.
In an amazing afterburn igniting push Guddy’s medivacs reach Orion’s mineral line and wreck havoc.

Gudran however took it upon himself to make this game worthy of a new starcraft II tactic, namely PULLING A GUDRAN! Basicly this means you have the commanding position and the means to crush the enemy forces but instead you decide to pick up your shit and fly home.

Following this great drop Orion’s forces counterattack and actually break all of Guddy’s defenses aside from one hero siegetank who held the line for this red terran player.

With his RTS knowhow Orion pulls a ballzy move and DOUBLE expands to get back into the game.
Unfortune for him as Gud “the dropship” dran dropped the natural expansion of Orion and decimated the harvesters there again leaving Orion with nothing to harvest with but MULES.

Guddy even denies and destroys the third base of Orion.
Moments later Guddy is preparing himself for another doomdrop but is caught offguard by Orion’s Lanzer Torpedoes which could devastate the mighty dropforce which made for a very exciting scene to watch as ventchat went silent in awe

Gudran unloads his medivacs and is able to destroy the attacking force. Retaliation is imminent as Gudran iloads up his remaining forces after a well placed sweeper scan. Once dropped into Orion’s base Guddy sieges up and stims his way to victory, however Gudran wouldn’t be Gudran is he didn’t pick up his shit and fly home.

Once Gudran went to get more back up troops he went in dry only to be stopped by Orion’s vickings and kills two fully loaded medivacs. As blood rained from the skies our two contestants kept focused under the god aweful dreaded smell or armpits that FEARED.

His heart heavy with the loss of his fallen comrades Gudran prepares the master move to break the valiant Orion. A two pronged attack to end all others and claim victory for the terran doomdroppers.
With a might stimforward Gudran sandwiches the remaining Orion force and settles the game.


ROUND 4 : The Turkish brothers collide!

The match between once two loving brothers now becomes a match for family honor!
Action guaranteed! At the start blood started flowing as the infamous SCV harasser Tolga's SCV is
brutally murdered by his brothers hand!

While Linu’s macro is going through the roof so can be said for Tolga’s armysize! Which doesn’t look well for Linu’s undefended bases as a scouting Viking finds Linu’s third base and starts annihilating each and every SCV there. As Tolga’s forces join in on the action....

.... Linu’s failsafe trick comes into play in the form of a heroic REAPER! One man against the world this could be an action movie in Turkey! HERE COMES THE REAPERMAN.

To no avail Linu's expansions are being stomped one after another.

A pause comes and I mean TEN minutes of contemplating a move so brilliantly diabolic it must be … VIKINGS! YES unlike their IRL counterparts who used boats these versatile air superiority fighters of the terran force can also be used to harass!

However as a harassing unit the Viking is slow at retreating and so losses are inevitable.

In between the action there’s time for a little pun so Linu stated that his Thor was doing weird stuff.
Some say it comes from a pronmovie, others say it’s more satanical.

Hell Linu is a stubborn man, especially when it comes to family honor and if a couple of Vikings don’t work MAKE EVEN MORE! However this mighty air force is dealt with quite easily.

Time passes and Tolga the Patient one strikes with a terran doomdrop and cripples the main base of linu’s income.

The LINU strikes back Imperial style as Battlecruisers are revealed as Linu’s ace card.

They wouldn’t be brothers if Tolga didn’t do exactly the same thing! BUTT MORE!!

Then the 2 part Turkish offensive began!

PART 1 – Run siegetanks into enemy fire because fuck it I got more and YOU CAN’T HANDLE IET!

PART 2 – Commence 6 hours of battlecruisers fighting to seal the deal

AND THAT KIDS! Is how I butchered uncle Linu in the greatest RTS game of our time.

No real brothers were hurt in the making of this game. Parental discretion is advised!


A deciding round as to who enters the finals against Luci. Having defeated Luci’s favourite tech-up strategy the round before, Gudran is looking for blood once again. However, now having seen the medivac tactic once too many, Tolga came prepared indeed.

Both players were prepared for sneak attacks, scv trolling and other such nonsense. The question remained, could they counter each other?

Gudran gets his timings fucked up at the start by excellent SCV trolling by Tolga, placing a barracks later than he was supposed to. Being an extremely calm person, he took this very well, and did not panic at all.
Quickly pumping out two medivacs and some units for the first drop, Tolga scanned at the exact moment to spot the incoming attack.

The perfect scan

Despite knowing he got scanned out, Gudran went in anyway, resulting in the loss of all the units sent in – with no casualties on Tolga’s side.
Tolga went in for a flying counter, but after rigorous scanning, found the turrets placed at the back of Gudran’s base, and backed off.

Tolga's early airfleet

Both players having a sizeable army, the moment was now for Gudran to attack. Tolga had yet to pump out his first battlecruiser, and was behind in supply. However, as always, our dear dwarf pulled a classic Gudran, and decided to wait.

Indecisive? Never!

Which was all fine and dandy, were it not for Tolga surely tinkering his way to his beloved battlecruisers. And what do ya know, before you could say “Is that a battlecruiser in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”, he had prepared his fleet of doom.

Four battlecruisers to go, please!

Hitting max supply finally triggered Gudran to move out. If you look closely at the minimap, he tried a pincer move from both sides, dropping off troops to the right before the big battle.

Great tactical desicion, or just a try-hard?

Overwhelming airforce and horrible unit management however, made sure the battle went in Tolga’s favour. It was an excellent sight to behold.

The last battle that mattered

Having lost nearly all his units, and left defenseless against the aerial fleet of doom, Gudran could not help it but watch as Tolga’s doomfleet levelled his base to the ground.

An exciting game, with a sure victor. Tolga goes on to the finals!

Linu VS Bala

This is a tale of disception, strategy, endurance and vengeance. The match started with Linu stating he’d use “special tactics”. And he did just that!
RAX on the lowground and no wall! This required some serious nerve especially if you know he’s playing a motherfucking zerg player!

Linu’s push comes and luckily for bala one of his go to units is the might Roach. I’ll tell you something about Roaches :”THEY LEAVE A GREEN POO A MESS OF A MARINE” protoss players love this, it’s like a bedtime story for zealots.

Stubbornness is what Linu trademarked the first 12 min of the game as he kept pouring in marine after marine and pushing further and further in the only base Bala had. This was until Bala put down a baneling nest and morphed a fuckton of banelings obliterating all but a few rines who were quickly mopped up by the roach/ling force at bala’s disposal.

A good player knows that if he can keep his opponent occupied he cannot attack me right? Linu’s assault was relentless as now he bypassed the army and sent in the REAPERZ.

Who unfortunately met their timely end by some lings a queen.

At this point our Turkish friend realized he needed to expand and did so all over the map only to be stopped by bala’s new found tech – THE MIGHTY MUTALISK. As bala’s army grew he stomped each and every single expansion Linu had on the map. The dawn of the zerg was upon Linu as bala smashed Linu’s attempts to defend his base and the counterattack.

These newfound terran players have ONE answer to everything ….. THAT’s RIGHT! VIKINGS
Motherfucking Vikings ERRYWHERE countering every move bala made and destroying his army.

Two steps ahead of Bala in this game Linu also placed the sneaky widowmines near a ramp to prevent our zerg player to reinforce his army. (‘Clever Girl!’ – owait he’s not a velociraptor)

Death from the sky was the motto as Linu just flew his fleet to every expo and rained hell upon the overlords who did nothing but float a boat or are they floating boats? :-S zergsss

KAPOW as the overlords fell so did GG

A Good game well played to both players!

THE FINALS - Game one

Loozi vs Tolga

Loozi had beaten everyone but Gudran up this point (who barely missed the finals – it came down to the last game) but Tolga had shown us some great improvement throughout the games he played during the tourney.

No-one could predict the winner. Two players who mirrored each other style almost perfectly, being very defensive and cautious while getting a giant deathball of an army together.

The first game was on Polar Night, the map Tolga hadn’t played on yet.

The game started off with both players doing their respective things. Tolga scouting quickly and macro-ing it up, Loozi just focusing on macro

The first action of the game, not even two minutes in

After Tolgas trademark SCV harass both players decided to play it cautious. A wise strategy indeed, especially during a best of three where winning the first game is huge.

Slowly surely both players got their tech, and a big beefy army.

Small, unimportant skirmishes between patrolling units where the only thing that happened. For 30 minutes.

For 30 long minutes no player moved any significant force out of his base, Loozi went as far as retreating his few marines he had near the Xel’naga towers (visions towers) and turtle it up even more.

When I said nothing happened, I may have understated it. 30 minute games with 9 units lost do not happen often

At the 30 minute mark, Loozi decided to move out with only his air force consisting of a few vikings and two battlecruisers. What caused him to do such a thing will remain a question for eternity. Against a player known for his love for battlecruisers and a powerful air force in general this was not a good idea. When Loozis much smaller armada was caught by Tolgas, the fight was very one sided.

Notice the difference in resources lost compared to a barely a minute earlier.

After this victory vent was abuzz about how Tolga should move out and go kill Loozi but the opposite happened. Loozi moved out (god knows why) and killed Tolgas third mining base but here his army was intercepted by Tolgas full army. Battlecruisers, vikings and tanks descended upon Loozis army mostly consisting of marines.

Loozis army crumbling under the might of Tolgas armada

The battle was one-side, a walk over of epic proportions. After this all that was left was a victory march for Tolgas mighty army.

Tolga takes the lead!

Tolga vs Loozi – Game two

The second game of our finals was played on Heavy Rain, one of the newer 1v1 maps and the map Loozi hadn’t played on during the tourney.

Game two started of very similar to game one with Tolgas trademark early game harass with a single SCV. That was however the only similarity between the two games. Where game one had been a passive affair from the start ‘till deep in the late game, game two started of with aggression.

Loozi quickly grabbed two gasses in his main and teched up to a starport while pumping out a lot of marines.

As soon as Loozis first medivac (dropship that can heal bio-forces) popped, it was on.

The first drop denied Tolgas fast expansion and took out a sizable chunk of his army

Note the two marines to the left out of combat; a costly mistake

After the first successful drop, Loozi wasn’t done yet, the second drop, this time in the main base of his opponent, took out most of his worker supply.

SCV holocaust

To little to late?

A battle cruiser popped out of Tolgas starport to clean up the remaining paratroopers but Loozi smelled blood and went for the throat. The next drop took down even the mighty battle cruiser and with it, all hopes for Tolga.

The might flagship of Tolgas forces dies a fiery death

After the battlecruiser went down, Loozis forces played mop up and Tolga was forced to leave the game.

Loozi takes game two and ties the series!

Loozi vs Tolga – Game 3

Both players won one game in this best of 3 finals, it came down to game 3, the last game of the night, the winner would take it all.

Do or die.

The game was played on Cloud Kingdom, an old fan favorite.

With loozi coming of a win in game 2 would he be able to capitalize on this and turn the finals around? Or would Tolga be better prepared?

For the first time in this tourney, Tolga did not scout early in stead opting to use all his SCV’s to mine minerals early on.

Both players took relatively early gasses and teched up to starports

Where Tolga was playing extremely safe adding turrets everywhere Loozi tried to once again catch his opponent of guard with quick reapers

Loozis reapers jumping into Tolgas base

A miss-micro from Loozi however cost him all three reapers without doing any significant damage. He did scouted the Tolgas defensive measures and the myriad missile turrets near his command center.

Tolga making quick work of the reapers

After quickly fending of Loozis reapers, Tolga went on the offence. Two medivacs loaded up with two tanks and 8 marines made their way to Loozis mineral line and wreaked havoc upon arrival.

The drop commences!

Tolga manhandling Loozis workforce

Loozis troops rushed to help the work force and Tolga pulled a Gudran. Picking up all this troops in stead of sieging his tanks and forcing an uneven trade he lost both medivacs and the troops they carried. The damage was done however as a large amount of SCV’s where killed.

pulling a Gudran

Although one base ahead, the damage to Loozis economy was severe. The Dutch commander decided he needed to do damage, and do it fast. Quickly loading op two medivacs and accompanying them with 4 vikings he went on the offensive.

Choosing an awkward angle to drop into Tolgas base, no doubt inspired by the earlier scout with his reapers, he landed his vikings first but because of the limited place and Tolgas sim city, the medivacs could not unload their deadly cargo immediately.

misjudged point of attack spells disaster

As a result of this Tolgas full force had to face Loozis aggression in two waves, making it much easier to fend off. When Loozis marines finally dropped down they landed between the wreckages of the vikings, surrounded by Tolgas army. Needles to say it was a massacre.

Now down in workers and in army supply Loozi had a steep hill to climb if wanted to win this game and the tournament.

Tolga decided to get ahead further by planting down an expansion of his own and teching up to battlecruisers.

Tolga playing it safe

After Loozi worked his way back up in supply he decided to go for a final push, his tournament life on the line. Just around that time Tolga decided to expand to a third location which went unscouted as Loozi made a beeline for the natural expansion for Tolga and ran straight into his much better equipped army.

Loozis army decimated

After this landslide victory Tolga had enough, he marched over to his enemies base and massacred the few defenders left behind. Loozi could only GG.

the final moments of Noobcraft

And with this game, the tournament concluded.

Tolga reigned supreme over the battlefield as a true warlord should. We crown Tolga our first winner of Noobcraft and his price will be non other than the aptly named expansion for Diablo III, Reaper of Souls!

A victory well deserved and a glorious end to an amazing night of nerding it up :D


for the nerds among us... owait


Average APM for the regular games:

1. Linu: 49 apm
2. Tolga: 48,5 apm
3. Bolo: 38,75 apm
4. Guddy: 37 apm
5. Loozi: 31,75 apm

Linu and Tolga both have quite high APM for such new players, although most of it is spam, quick fingers usually allow quick reactions. Both players, but especially Tolga did great in the tournament.

Loozi is lowest in APM but shows that a game plan (turtle like a motherfucker) is more important than crazy APM.

Finals APM

Both finalists played slower compared to their regular matches.
Tolga: 47,29 apm
Loozi: 31,14 apm

Being tired and nervous slows players down, but not as much as one would expect.

Highest APM recorded in one game: Tolga with 55 apm in his game vs Bolo
Lowest APM recorded in one game: Loozi with 28 apm in his first finals game vs Tolga

Average game duration:

1. Linu: 37,5 minutes
2. Guddy: 32,5 minutes
3. Bolo: 29,5 minutes
4. Loozi: 28,75 minutes
5. Tolga: 27,25 minutes

Linu, although labeled a “rusher” played the longest games (by quite a margin) while Loozi and Tolga, considered “turtlers” played the shortest games.

Both needed even less time in the finals where each game lasted on average 25,66 minutes.

Longest game in the tourney: A 52 minute slugfest between Guddy and Linu

Shortest game: Guddy manhandling Bolo in 16 minutes


I am really happy with how the tourney went. The games where entertaining, suspenseful and, albeit riddled with beginner mistakes (I still make 'em) of a high level considering the short time frame for practice given.

The atmosphere on vent was amazing and made me realize how much I miss gaming with you guys.

I hope you guys understand now why I am so hung up on Starcraft and why I see it as the "alpha game" among Esports. It is truly a game with no skill cap and it takes a special kind of mentality to play it often.

I've heard some guys asking for another Starcraft event so I'm definitely up for hosting another tourney (I hear Bala wants revenge) I've got a few ideas but we'll discuss them further on the forums.

I'd like to thank Guddy and San for helping me out writing about this amazing night.

I'd also like to thank every player and fan (sky) for joining us and make the night that much better.

Let's hear it for the first Noobcraft Champion, Tolga!



Lol this was fun to read! Great job Bert :) You gotta tell this kinda stories to your kid :)))
I just got around to reading it all, since I read quite a lot in contributing to it, and I must say: It's a fucking work of art!

I especially loved the wrap-up and statistics - seeing average APM and game duration is cool. I got my APM higher than I ever expected, so I'm proud of myself :p. Seeing Tolga's APM convinces me further he must be a god amongst men.

I won the prizes for longest AND shortest games, which is sweet, though incredibly insignificant :D

It was a great night, and although very stressful, it was insanely fun to see everyone so into it and really giving it everything to beat each other. Even though I'll stand less of a chance, I will gladly serve as cannon fodder in the next one!

A thanks to Bert for the extensive coaching, which was the only thing that gave me a remote chance - and of course organizing the whole thing.

All hail our SC King, Tolga "Battlecruiser" Senyuz!

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