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Noobcraft II - the players & the brackets

Bertman / Mar 02, 2014
Noobcraft II

The players

Noobcraft contestants should visit the forums to vote for their favorite day for Round 1 - I write it here too because I know there are a bunch of you that have the attention span of a jellyfish

Once again our little group of internet homies is taking up the challenge of Starcraft.

This time, Noobcraft II is bigger (more players), will take longer (two months of gaming) and has a ton more games to be played (everyone plays at least 7 best of threes).

At the end of the 7 rounds played, 4 players will be atop the leader board. All 4 will advance to the Noobcraft II Finals where after 2 semi finals and an ultimate final the new Noobcraft champion will be crowned.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first 7 grueling rounds must be played to determine these 4 gods of the keyboard.

Without further ado, I present you the players in alphabetical order. Although summing up players is fun, giving them some background and discussing their chances to get to the Noobcraft II finals (final 4 players) is even more fun, I decided to do just that. As always, all of the following is conjecture and prone to terrible mistakes (see me lauding Baladru as the first Noobcraft champion before the first game was played – boy was I wrong)


The experienced Stacraft II veteran returns with vengeance on his mind. Bombing out in Noobcraft I by underestimating the competition and playing a race he was not comfortable with was not what he expected. The level of play was indeed of quite the high level and his zerg forces got overrun easily once his opponents got to the late game. This time he will meet Terran steel with Terran steel head on. Watch out for Bala, he might surprise many.

Chances for a final appearance: Baladru returns with a lot of knowledge over his opponents. He has seen most of them play, is familiar with their play styles and may have a good idea on how to mess with them. Another plus is that he once again takes control of his favored Terran forces. It all depends on how he can deal with the favored style of many a Terran player in Noobcraft: turtling like a motherfucker.


Bertman has the most experience of the bunch and is quite the Terran player. To even the odds in Noobcraft II he plays the zerg race with a 50 % handicap (meaning his units have 50 % less hitpoints). Will his game sense and experience prevail or will the handicap and inexperience with the zerg race be his downfall?

Chances for a final appearance: either Bertman is one of the favorites to take it all, or he gets obliterated by the Terran war machine. It’s hard to tell how much the handicaps will hamper him. A final 4 appearance is more than likely if he figures out how to handle his terran opponents


Gudran is a Noobcraft I veteran and barely missed the finals of Noobcraft I (it came down to one game). His weaknesses are multitasking, APM intensive situations and his nerves. His strength is his willingness to work hard and study the game. As a bio player (favoring marines) at heart, all will come down to map control and strong mid game timings.

Chances for a final appearance: in all likelihood Gudran is one of the players that should be aiming for a final appearance seeing he was very close in Noobcraft I. It all depends on how well he can keep his nerves under control and if he can avoid being blindsided by his enemies.


Linu played well in Noobcraft I but it seems his rushing style was figured out before the tournament even began. Being the fastest player in Noobcraft I he certainly has an advantage over other players in high octane situations where controlling your units well is of great importance.

Chances for a final appearance: Linu the player has it all to make it, Linu the strategist however has to work out another way to direct his forces in battle. Rushes may not be the way to the Final Four.


San is a good Protoss player joining the fray. As with Bertman, he plays with the dreaded 50 % handicap and he too plays another race than he’s comfortable with (also zerg). As with Bertman, San has to find a way to make it work if he wants to be a contender.

Chances for a final appearance: all depends on his ability to adapt and deal with his nerves. If he succeeds on getting his act together, expect him in the Final Four for sure.


Sharmila is the dark horse of the competition. Besides the fact that he plays Terran not much is know of him. From the few practice games he played on his account we can determine he likes long games and may be yet another Terran turtler.

Chances of a final appearance: judging by his statistics in the practice games and his limited experience I’d be tempted to say it’s going to be hard for Sharmila to compete for the higher spots. Let’s not forget however that I wrote off Loozi in Noobcraft I too and that it took an incredibly strong Tolga to edge him out the finals!


The returning Champion. The strongest player in Noobcraft I returns to defend his throne. Truly the epitome of a starcraft player with high APM, strong game sense and the ability to macro up under pressure is what won Tolga his first Championship.

Chances of a final appearance: Expect more of the same from Tolga, battering opponent after opponent with a strong air force that he managed to acquire behind rows of tanks. Although the competition got stronger (new players and improving veterans of Noobcraf I) I expect to see Tolga in the Final Four.

The brackets

The brackets can be found here:

FOR THE PLAYERS: The games will begin next weekend. Every contestant should visit the forums to vote for his favored day. The poll will close Wednesday.



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