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Noobcraft II – Round I

Bertman / Mar 06, 2014

Starts: 21.00 hours CET

The games:

Gudran vs Tolga: starting time: 21.00 hours
Linu vs Bertman: starting time: 22.00 hours (approximately*)
San vs Bala: starting time: 23.00 hours (approximately*)

* later games starting time depends on the previous match(es)

Gudran vs Tolga:

The only TvT match up this round is a rematch from Noobcraft I.

Both players have quite the history together as they both competed to the last round for a finals spot.

In the last round, as if providence had to do with it, they faced off against each other. In a close game Tolga edged out Gudran and advanced to the finals.

There is no doubt Gudran is out for blood. Expect a clash between styles where Gudran’s marines will die in droves attempting to break Tolga’s siege lines.

Will the Gudran succeed in stopping Tolga to acquire the dreaded mech deathball or will Tolga’s multitasking and macro be up to the task

Prediction: Gudran 1 – Tolga 2

Linu vs Bertman:

The first of the two terran vs zerg match ups and of the big question marks of the evening.

Will Linu have prepared new builds or will he opt for the quick rushes he is famous for? Will Bertman have adapted to a new (and weakened) race? Will Linu have any idea on how to battle Zerg?

Will Linu stream his ultimate demise or a magnificent victory?

Prediction: refraining to predict my own games, I will either be too cocky or too modest :)

San vs Bala

The second TvZ and the last match up of the evening.

A first time these two players meet. Baladru is out to prove the naysayers wrong after his less than stellar appearance in Noobcraft I while San is looking to make a name for himself as a good player and possible Final Four candidate.

A lot will come down to how either player understands the match up.

Bala has the advantage of having a firm grasp on how the Terran race works and knowledge of the Zerg race as he played it last Noobcraft, San has the advantage of having a broader understanding of the game and having good mechanics to translate his strategies onto the field of battle.

Prediction: San 2 – Bala 1


jeebus holy fawk excitement all over the place!!!!!

looking forward to watching this :p

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