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Bertman / Mar 12, 2014

Played at Saturday the 15th of March, starting at 21.00 hours CET

The games:

San vs Tolga: starting time: 21.00 hours
Bala vs Linu: starting time: 22.00 hours (approximately*)
Bertman vs Sharmila: starting time: 23.00 hours (approximately*)

*starting times depend on the previous match(es)

Last week my predictions where all wrong, let’s try to do better this week 

San vs Tolga

The fledgling Zerg player vs the reigning Noobcraft champion.

San is out for blood. After a strong showing in the first week his morale is high and he’s more than willing to put in the extra work. And that may very well make the difference. Our reigning champion came ill prepared against Gudran and faces an equally impressive opponent in San. Will he be better prepared this time?

The lynch pin of the game will be the third base of Tolga. Him being a strong mech and air mech player obviously means he needs the extra gas income to fuel his army. If he succeeds in establishing it, San will be in for a world of hurt.

Prediction: San – Tolga: 2 – 0

Bala vs Linu:

Certainly the most interesting matchup on paper. Both players were equally matched in Noobcraft I and showed equal skill level in round 1 as they both battled the exotic forces of the Swarm.

Both players also have a lot more experience facing off against another Terran opponent so the games may very well turn out to be very close.

Very little is known of Bala’s TvT so it is hard to speculate over the composition and strategies he will be using. Scouting will be of great importance to him as his opponent is known for strong rushes.

Linu’s TvT is more well known and he possess quite the array of builds. From a quick rush game to a strong late game macro game, Linu is an all round terran player who is not afraid to use deceit and expand on the other side of the map.

Will Bala’s early game scouting and mid game map control be good enough to stop fancy strategies from his opponent or will Linu get away with it?

If the games end up transitioning into a late game the player with the stronger macro will win no doubt.

Prediction: Bala – Linu: 2 - 1
Bertman vs Sharmila

Sharmila is the big unknown of the tournament and this is his first showing on the big stage hence very little can be written about his style and ability.

Terran booth camp this week showed him to be eager and talented as he gave Gudran a run for his money.

Bertman’s TvZ is good as he handily beat Linu in the first round in a longer macro game and with a surprising attack hitting before Linu’s production could come online in game 2.

Obviously predicting this matchup is impossible but when the players left the Terran booth camp earlier this reporter asked Bertman about the upcoming games and his reply was “there is no way I’m gone lose from Shartmilla”.

He said Shartmilla.



HUzzzaahhh looking forward again :-)


gimme stuff to write about :-p
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