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NOOBCRAFT II - Round 2 round up and Round 3 preview

Bertman / Mar 21, 2014
ROUND 2 : Newcomer VS Bortmon the Magnificent
Or so he likes to call himself on vent

The game starts and we don’t see an aweful opener out of Sharmilla and also shows us
how to micro bunkers! As he draws FIRST BLOOD ladies and gentlemen.
That’s right!

The next scene shows a mentally challenged zergling with ADHD on crack who runs tracks
for the next 10 minutes! A wonderful sight to behold, Bolt got nothing on you … you merciless monster.

What happens when you put a macro orientated player into a zerg body?
Same shit as Bertman quite fast doubles our Sharmilla’s supply by double!
But Bertmong is merciful and gives an additional marine to his enemy bro.

Sharmilla however is preparing for an assault as his defenses are being upgraded by mines,
rines, BUNKERS (upgraded holy fawk) and an unsieged tank.

After about 20 minutes of negotiating and peace the zerg HIGHWAY OF HELL reaches
our locky warlocks base and the game is ON.

Over a 100 zerglings die in the engagement but they do break the defenses and the crowd shits their pants because of this turn of events.
But not worries! Because the BANES keep ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING

Having seen many prO games Sharmilla sends a medivac with a hero marine to baserace the zerg.

Only to have his last depo sniped

Close game, GG

Game 2 : Bertman VS Sharmilator

We see a greedy 3 hatch opening before pool out of our zergplayer nothing new.
He does bring variation into the game as he no longer has his zergling on crack he now sends
his HYPER DRONE ON SPEED to the terran base.

Oops so this is what happens when you siege a tank!

What do you get when you put a deatheater into a tank?


Bertman the zerg dominates the game and his weapon of choice is to demonstrate his
multitasking abilities with two flock of MUTALISK.

Slowly but certainly picking apart the terran base

Bert leaves a comment for our spectators ....

The spear of zerg jabs through the terrans defenses and....

Here you see the brillaint coaching that went on behind the scenes

Bert reveals his final weapon
before taking Game number 2.


ROUND II : San VS Tolga

Reigning champion Vs the anxiety zerg.
Determining the pace of the early game Tolga draws first blood by killing an overseer he spotted with a reaper scout and finished by his murdersquad of marines.

Tolga quickly scouted San’s third base expo and started harassing with his reapers, dancing back and forth using the reapers incredible speed and healing abilities despite San’s efforts to repel the Terran
Tolga’s championship winning micro allowed his reapers to endure another day.

Until he got overconfident and tried to snipe some roaches only to get corners by a roach sideflank
losing his entire offensive.

This allowed the zerg to grow in power and even tech to the swift Mutalisk.

Mr Anxiety Zerg leveled Tolga’s economy with his initial mutataskforce

And finished the game trying to tech to broodlords 

On to game number 2.

ROUND II: San VS Tolga part 2

Tolga becoming known for his early aggression and tactics sends out marines because
what else are you to do as a terran right? 
this is unfortunately countered by a mass of speedlings who quickly surround the brave
warriors and dispose of them fast.

Not only has Tolga learned how to be aggressive as a terran but also how to be defensive!
As shown in the next picture : Zergling, How I Met Your SIEGETANK – And with a Big Bang they
were shooed off into the distance.

Well that went rather well Tolga must’ve thought and prepared to push out.
And well it went from there on as our Turkish brother in arms destroyed a newly made 4th base of the Sandaime, well you’re not Yondaime so you’re restricted to 3 base bitch.
(San = 3, Yon =4) translates roughly into Lord 3rd and Lord 4th.

San quickly amasses an army of zergling and infestors to deal with the impending threat.
Holy shit what is this green shit all over my army?

Zerglings rapidly make a surround and the green shit eats away the remaing life thus ending the second terrran offensive.

With San’s economy flourishing he’s able to make a lot of infestor to begin his harass.
first stop knock on the door and see if anyone’s home.

2nd stop prepare a delay of destroy a lot of shit

3rd hide like a mofo and RUNNN Tolga’s forces closing in on the insfestor assault and even killing the majority.

What could be up next?

A never ending stream of Greenish delight …. I meant death … jeebus I could care for some Turkish delight tho.(it’s a candy which is very sweet – no homo) huehueuehueheu

Leaving a final message from Tolga to his opponent

You certainly did! GG WP (good game well played)

San takes the series and advances to the next round

Game III : Bala Vs Linu
A game of minesweeper.

Linu shows us how to play turtle terran with his two depot into rax opening.

Later on denies bala’s scouting scv only when it already scouted the entirety of his base.

And if you didn’t think this was hilarious, these guys shouldn’t have hired Mexican constructionworkers. Several violations have been made against you know …..

Then begins and hour of placing mines like it’s motherfucking creepspread from a zerg.
I mean holy fucking cow, Linu likes his mines 

Yet despite Linu’s magnificent minefield the overly manly man Bowlo finds a way and penetrates Linu’s defenses from the rear ….. stomping the third base

There’s one thing terran turtles like Linu like to do very much and that is holy shit
you made more turrets then marines mang ….

This goes on for quite a while and Linu stubbornly replaces his mines in the field as to repel the 3/3 marines from his base as he secures it with siegetanks and some more mines.
(guess I know where the minesweeper title came from)

Next up is Bala teaching the observing crowds how to deal with widowmines.

Ever heard of SCV parties? Yeah we had quite a lot of those during the breaks between action in this
TvT powerplay from both players.

Bala sweep the field from some more mines showing how to use detector units like the raven and even demonstrating it’s seeker missile.

If this game has learnt me one thing, it’s that Linu seriously defends against drops and air harass.

Here you see Bala’s SCV partypeople having a BLAST

Next in the game we see bala going ballzdeep into the defenses of Linu losing all his marines, but not before taking a huge bite in the tankdefenses.

Bala makes an early techswitch into hellion tank ALL IN as he prepares 5 factories for war.

This time it’s Linu’s turn to be aggressive with his fabled Viking deathsquad which is shooed away by some helions and marines.

Linu uses his Vikings to harass Bala’s fourth base and even stomps it, which in turn caused the mighty renowned BOLOWRAGE and he took Linu’s only mining bases with the remainder of his marinecore.

The game finally comes to it’s conclusion as Linu foolhardedly tries to micro siegetanks against siegetanks.

Kids that wasn’t pretty …
Bala takes Game 1! The crowd went wild.

Part 2 : Bala Vs Linu (shaolin monk vs the reaperman)
The game start and soon develops into trickery as Linu expands to unknown locations.

However harnassing the power of the bolowrage Bala found inner peace and said : imma gon proxy ur long distance base mang. Crazey tactics.

With his Rinesquad on the other side of the map the reaperman Linu struck and hit hard the economy of Bala as he harassed and even killed a lot of workers.

Using this to his strength Linu expanded to another long distance expo which is found only by inner zen and offcourse SCANNER SWEEP, Bala’s number one scouting tool.

The reaperman strikes again but after some combat with bala’s resident forces they had to bail because reapers don’t fair so well against sieged tanks.

Channeling his inner Chi, Bala dropped and kept dropping Linu’s base until he did so much damage
the reaperman found his match and GG’d!!!

Bala takes GAME 2 : his first win in this amazing series.

Winners of the week: round 2:

1. Bolo: showing his skills behind the keyboard by beating Linu in a long, drawn out series grabbing his first win in Noobcraft
2. San: beating the first Noobcraft I champion convincingly

Noobcraft II - Power rankings – week two

Each week these will be adjusted, players are judged by their present form, win streaks, the strength of their opponent and even “swag”.

Good performances against higher ranked players, even losses (as long as it’s close) are valued high.

1. San (last week rank 2) – after beating Bala last week he took down the reigning champion Tolga convincingly in round two. San is quickly becoming an early favorite to take it all.

2. Bala (last week rank 4) – a strong showing in round 1 followed up by a victory over Linu in round 2 propels Bala to the second spot in our power ranking.

3. Gudran (last week rank 1) – Although Gudran played great last week, him not having to play this round lowers his stock a bit. Can he prove he has what it takes or will he drop down in the rankings more next week?

4. Bertman (last week rank 3) – Bertman remains unbeaten and would hold his spot if it wasn’t for Bala playing out of his mind in round 2.

This list is pure speculation by the writer and expect switch ups each week


sharmilla vs gud

Gudran coming of a week of rest while sharmila was baptised by fire in round 2

Sharms did show some good basic strategies with quick expands in both games vs Bertman whereas Gudran has shown to prefer early harass in his games vs Tolga.

A lot will depend on how well Sharmila will deal with early agression if Gudran chooses to go down that road.

A well executed defense in the early game can easily snowball into a victory for the defender, however Gudran has shown to be on point with his macro behind the early agression making the oposite, a less stellar defense, a true nightmare to deal with.

How can sharms win? good scouting, identifying if agression comes and reacting accordingly. Possibly trying to either counter quickly or play much greedier than his oponent

How can Gud Win? Early agression or a straight up macro game are both viable options for this terran as he showed strong macro behind his agression, there is no doubt he will be able to go for the straight up macro game too.

Prediction: Gud 2 – Sharms 0

Bertman vs Bolo

Bolo coming of an exhilerating win against Linu while Bertman hasn’t lost a game yet.

Bertman’s ZvT is strong, especially once it hits the mid game where Bala has shown weakness against the zerg race before.

On paper this should be a victory for Bertman however there certainly are possibilities for Bolo.

How can Bolo win: Bertman hasn’t been tested by early agression yet, perhaps doing damage before the macro train gets rolling can change the tide.

How can Bertman win: doing what he does best agains Terran oponents, abuse his APM advantage and strong macro.

Prediction: I am strongly encouraged by my coworkers in the Esports Departement to not do a prediction to avoid Bolo Raeg, whatever that means.

Linu vs Tolga

If the game played between these two in Noobcraft I is any indication we shall see a lot of battlecruisers.

Both Linu and Tolga are desperate for a win if they want to make an appearance in the Final Four. Linu has already shown he wants to go to excessive lengths to be victorious and Tolga knows how to win, as shown by his first Noobcraft I crown.

Where Linu was known for his early aggression his playstyle developed to two base turtle with an early, hidden third base somewhere , which is very economy focused and got him a notable win vs Gudran in Noobcraft I but seems to be figured out as he yet has to get his first win in Noobcraft II. Tolga's style is a defensive focused macro game for the first 20 minutes into mass air units. The Tolga build which won him Noobcraft I however seems to be also figured out as both Gudran and San punished it heavily in earlier rounds.

How can Linu win: cut the fancy strategies and random expansions, play straight up, attempt to take the easier to defend expansions and at least try to be aggressive when maxed out.

How can Tolga win: fight over map control to avoid random expansions from Linu and avoid a-moving into a siege line

Round 3 is a bit of a clusterfuck.

Tonight Gud vs Sharms will be played, Bala faces off with Bertman somewhere saturday evening and Linu and Tolga still have to pick a date for their match up.


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