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Noobcraft III: DreamNub

Bertman / May 03, 2014
Renown proudly presents:

Noobcraft III: DreamNub

Noobcraft III will serve as a reboot of Noobcraft II now that the TESO hype died down a (little) bit.

In contrast with Noobcraft II, Noobcraft III: DreamNub is a tournament played out on one evening/night. The 10th of may starting at 19.00 CET to be exact.

NC III: DreamNub is in fact a double tournament with two brackets. A bracket for the noobs and one for the ladder warriors.

Both groups will be played out separately and a champion will emerge from both brackets. In effect there will be a noob champion and a ladder warrior champion.

In order to keep the DreamNub a one night afair we had to make some adjustments to the brackets and how the tourney will play out.

The brackets will be single elimination, and each round is a best of three.

In a best of three, the first player to win twice, advances to the next round, in this case, the final.

Losing in the semis means the end of the line for you.

There is no way of around this as working with double elimination or any different sort of brackets would take way to long.

In essence there will be 2 brackets playing a single elimination tourney.


Ladder Warriors: semi final 1 - best of 3

Noobs: Semi Final 1 - best of 3

Ladder Warriors: Semi Final 2 - best of 3

Noobs: Semi Final 2 - best of 3

Ladder warriors: Final - best of 3

Noobs: Final - best of 3

*schedule may be adjusted by the admins to suit our needs. We aim to end the tourney by 02.00 CET Saturday night.

Once again - to keep the tourney manageable time wise - losing in the semis means it's over. Practice is the way to go, Ladder Warriors may want to grind out some ladder games while the nubcakes among us may want to practice moving out with their armies before the 50 minute mark.

Gudran will be doing the drawing of the brackets; a youtube movie will be release shortly before the games begin where our innocent gamer bro decides who plays one another in the semis.

He will first draw for position one, then position two and then finally position three (and by elimination, position four obviously)

This will happen for both tournament brackets.

Happy practising!


Hey bertman, if there's any place going i'll be online. If it's alright i wouldn't mind spectating and maybe streaming the matches if there's no spots left :)

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